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You can find Koel- en vriestransport Voesenek b.v. at the following adress:


Koel- en vriestransport Voesenek b.v.
IABC 5262
4814 RD Breda

You can plan your way to our company using the map at the site of Routenet. Click on the logo and fill in the area codes.

If you want information about the present road situation in the Netherlands you can take a look at the site Trafficnet. Click on the logo to go there.


The next images show our location in Breda, the Netherlands

At the A16 between Antwerp and Rotterdam you will take: BREDA - ETTEN-LEUR.

Then follow the signs: BREDA

At the trafficlights turn left. After 150 meters you can see our company on the left.



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